Getting inky in Tower Control [13(4)-2, Tri-slosher]

2nd February 2018 – 7.00 am

Hitting the side as the rest of my team goes for the Tower doesn't quite find me the splats I'm after, but at least I'm not completely out-manoeuvred. I had to rush backwards to find the Tower, though, and only help with keeping the inklings off. I do some tidying up as my squidmates push the Tower, and although I splat no one when the Tower starts coming back, I do manage to be the only inkling left standing, letting me hop on the Tower for the next push.

I hop off the Tower at the right time too, helping to repel the green attackers. Maybe I could have got back on, particularly as squidding around the back does little, but a squidmate keeps the Tower going, and I provide some good supporting ink. It all gets a bit chaotic, with ink flying everywhere, green inklings with the height advantage, but we keep the Tower mostly under our control.

I hop back on but only really to get on to the containers. A squidmate has the same idea, leaving the Tower unattended, which isn't good. I check to make sure we don't leave it trundling backwards, and once another squidmate super-jumps to it I focus forwards again. It takes a bit of finessing to keep the Tower moving, with a lot of green ink heading our way, but we manage it.

The Tower keeps moving forwards, and I prepare for the last burst of activity by charging my tank. It's not quite enough for me, but a squidmate hangs on to the Tower and splats away threats to ride it to the goal. Woomy!

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