Mind the mines in Tower Control [18(4)-5, Tri-slosher]

2nd February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I like that Burst Bomb splat to kick me off, but I mis-gauge how close the Rapid Blaster is to me and get a bit stuck. It doesn't help that I get caught in crossfire too. My squidmates push the Tower, though, and I return to approach from behind, for support. The Rapid Blaster is still there, quite a threat to a Tri-slosher, so I move backwards, towards the Dualies, as it happens. He should have stuck with the Dualies, though, as I slosh his Inkjet away.

Splatting the Inkjet gives me room to manoeuvre above the Rapid Blaster, who is just inky enough for a Burst Bomb to splat him away. But the Tower's reseting, and being contested. The Splat Roller and I dodge each other, then splat each other, and the yellow team is there to hop on the Tower. I head the other way, and hope to catch the Rapid Blaster unawares. He spots me early, though, but a bit of good squidding gives me the advantage.

My squidmates are back on the Tower. I help them along with some Ink Armour, whilst sticking to the turf to splat away any threats. The Inkjet tries again, but my bucket seems to be good at splatting it. Our main problem is that everyone got off the Tower. That's easily rectified, though, and with the yellow team temporarily out of the way we take the lead. It gets messy soon after.

As the yellow team push again, I gain more confidence in splatting the Inkjet, which works again, and the Rapid Blaster, but am caught by an Ink Mine in the process. I'll be fine, I'm sure. However, it helps that I activate my Ink Armour, just before squidding right through a second Ink Mine.

My attempts at flanking start well, moving unpredictably around the Dualies, then go badly when I completely lose track of the Tower. Trying to catch up squids me through yet another Ink Mine, and it's the fourth that finally splats me. But that puts me back at base, and in a much better position to orientate myself.

I help with a bit of defence, getting lucky against the Roller, but am caught by the Rapid Blaster's range. Not a problem, we're pushing the Tower again, and I squid up behind it for inky support. I miss one inkling, avoid the Rapid Blaster, activate two Ink Mines, and somehow manage to stick around to contribute to a couple of splats to keep the Tower moving.

The Rapid Blaster has disappeared by this point, though. No wonder we increase our lead, and to the goal. Losing a squid really makes a difference. I tend not to share battles where this happens, unless I'm on the team that loses the squid and I think we put up a good fight, but it was late in the battle and a really good battle up to that point.

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