Boxed-in in Turf War [738p, 5(1)-2, Hero Charger Replica]

3rd February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I've got myself the Hero Charger Replica, and I'd like to use it. It's probably best to practice a bit in Turf War before heading in to Ranked battles, though, so here I am. Port Mackerel is a good option for a charger too. I don't understand the inklings who think chargers aren't good at inking either, as I can cover long paths easily, and reach up to where many weapons can't.

Despite an early flurry of Specials by us, the pink team get close and push us backwards, well in to our own half of the Port. I don't suppose two chargers on our team facing three shooters and a blaster helps, but it shouldn't really hinder us either. I do a good job of trying to keep a path open, by rolling a decent Splat Bomb in to the path of one intruder, and escaping and splatting another. Ending up in some Toxic Mist and facing two other inklings is another problem.

I look to hit the flank to make a path past the pink team, which worked surprisingly often in the old Port Mackerel, but I don't know how often I tried it with a charger. It would help if all the inklings would press higher up, or if my shots hit a target, but as one inkling holds his position near the ledge there isn't much I can do.

More disappointingly, I am ambushed from behind, giving me little option but to get splatted. I initially wonder where my support is, to let an inkling get all the way behind me, but I remember that it is now possible to hop on to that ledge from the crates nearby, which is probably a positive change. Just not for me here.

Checking the map shows that we really don't have many options available. Most of the Port is pink, and the pink team are holding the turf pretty aggressively. Even so, it's all good practice with the Hero Charger Replica.

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