Different ways to splat in Rainmaker [15(1)-8, Sploosh-o-matic]

5th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I remember that sponge incident from the previous battle, but the Curling Bomb trail gives me a good head-start. My solution is to jink around the sponge, but maybe I could have told my squidmate that. Also, maybe I don't need that head-start, if I can't dodge out of the way of the Rainmaker's shield exploding.

There's some trouble brewing near our staging area with a Dynamo Roller, but my confidence to push forwards increases as my Splashdown charges. Even better, I can ignore the Roller and ink ahead of a squidmate with the Rainmaker. My Splashdown works well, and a second splat helps us take the lead, but I can go no further for now.

Ninja Squid comes in handy to get close and personal with the Rainmaker, and although I don't get the splat I may squid unnoticed under the Dynamo Roller. Rather than try to reach a ledge at head height with my Sploosh-o-matic, a tough proposition, I squid around the back to get on the same level. The Roller's gone by then, but I find him, and return to not dodging the Rainmaker's shield.

Super-jumping is often an impetuous choice, but the landing looks safe this time. It's a nice surprise to find Tenta Missiles landing with me. I make sure we're safe from the flanks, then move up and, when no one seems to be threatening, help burst the Rainmaker free. Just in time, I would say, as it looks like a teal inkling was right on my tail.

Being a ninja works to my benefit again, but better still, my Curling Bomb gets a splat! That saves me from walking in to the Dynamo Roller's overhead flick too. Not that it matters in the end, but it is a cool splat. I splat the Dynamo Roller again, foolishly not being very ninja-like behind a Curling Bomb, but I get over-confident in rushing the Rainmaker afterwards.

A decoy Curling Bomb gets a completely unexpected splat. I suppose it ricocheted off the wall behind an inkling moving around the jutting wall, taking him by surprise. I take it in my stride, like I meant to do that, and keep inking a path. I get close to the podium, but I left the Rainmaker a bit far behind me to be support.

I am happy to splat the launcher of Tenta Missiles, less happy to squid right in to a Rainmaker blast, but the teal team aren't moving forwards too quickly, so we're doing okay. I even have time to squid right around the back and accidentally find a teal squid waiting for an opportunity. It comes to me first, though.

With half-a-minute to go, we push again, and I get a Curling Bomb splat, Splashdown splat, and a Sploosh-o-matic splat. That's quite impressive, if I say so myself. I even ink right up to the podium, and my squidmate gets pretty close behind me. Our lead is extended further, and the teal team has no time left to answer. Good battle, everyone. Woomy!

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