Edging closer in Rainmaker [20(4)-10, Sploosh-o-matic]

5th February 2018 – 7.00 am

Who put that sponge there? Never mind. It doesn't stop us from grabbing the Rainmaker first, and making a good push in to opposition territory. My Ninja Squid Tee and Sploosh-o-matic work really well, but it works better when not squidding directly towards a Luna Blaster aiming at the Rainmaker behind you.

I get immediate revenge on the Luna Blaster, and punish an inkling for daring to use an Inkjet against us. The Brolly is a tricky blighter, but enough pressure splats them too. But I get quite inky doing all this, particularly under an Ink Storm, and it doesn't take much Octobrushing to splat me too.

Another brush with the Luna Blaster could have gone better, and it's disappointing to see the Rainmaker squid past, but I do my bit in holding it up on my return. If only I could aim better, even at point blank range, I could be dangerous. Now, inking Brollies in the back, that's more my style. Or luring inklings towards me when I have a Splashdown ready. It's just a shame the Luna Blaster is more canny than to fall for that.

Super-jumping back lands me amidst an aggressive defensive position against the teal team, and a bit of flanking helps consolidate our position. As the Rainmaker looks to be collected, I push forwards to ink a path, Splashdown at the ready. If only I hadn't hit that ledge on the take-off. But my squidmates edge us closer to the podium.

I super-jump back to provide support, and we ink our way right to the podium. But the brief window of opportunity cannot be taken, and the Rainmaker starts coming back our way. I provide a nice distraction for a squidmate to splat the Octobrush, which I'm obviously happy to do, and return with vigour to help keep the Rainmaker moving.

Again, a bit of aggressive pushing inks a path pretty much to the podium, and a successful Splashdown gets most of the teal team out of the way, and it looks like we may get to dunk it this time. But, no, a quick return splats the Rainmaker just shy of the podium, and although we rush to burst the shield again, we just run out of time. Still, it was a fantastic battle, and victory is ours! Woomy!

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