Rare back-roll battle in Front Rolling Splatfest [2275p, 4(2)-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

8th February 2018 – 7.00 am

Hey, it's the mythical back-rollers! Hopefully I can add a positive win to our righteous Splatfest. As it's Turf War, there isn't as much direct engagement either required or desired, and lots of inking of turf. But sometimes to ink the turf, you need to displace the occasional inkling. I'm okay with that.

I get a bit lucky in avoiding the Splashdown, and move on to see a Splat Charger and Heavy Splatling holding their side of the Canal. It's a smart move. You only need to hold half the turf to win, so use your long-range weapons to keep inklings away from your side, and send the short-range weapons out to tip the balance. I've done it myself.

Those two present a problem. Not one I can solve head-on, but the occasional Robo Chicken should shift their attention, and an Ink Storm sent their way should get them to move. In-between attempts to move or splat them, there's plenty more inking to be done.

With good application of inky pressure, we get to ink the low turf around the back-rollers' base, which gives us a good advantage in the latter parts of the battle. I get lucky in a few encounters too, as well as against the Sting Ray.

I really push my luck as the battle comes to a close, which gets me splatted. But we hold most of the turf, and a battle that actually counts in this Splatfest is won. Woomy!

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