And some are good people in Front Rolling Splatfest [1560p, 5(2)-2, Sploosh-o-matic]

9th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I am Queen of Toilet Roll. It has been a long Splatfest of battling my own kind. So when I see a temporary truce being called, and thanks to my terrible aim missing the emissary, I am happy to take some time for myself. Battling can wait. But not everyone feels this way. That's fair enough.

Back to battling as usual, holding the high turf, where we have good visibility of incursions on all sides. And of the prancing inkling coming towards me. She's splatted with no ceremony. Much like me, when I get too close to an approaching Hamster Ball.

I tidy up a bit on my return, but there's my friend again! She's made it to our side and is holding in a puddle. I'm happy to dance a little with her, and don't fully compromise my squidmates by lobbing the occasional Curling Bomb in to the centre. But it doesn't last.

I almost splat the Aerospray coming for me, and when fall and am chased, I fully think my Splashdown is charged. I survive longer than I expect, despite this, and my Splashdown does charge, but just a little late.

More turf to be inked. But with a few seconds left, my happy little companion reappears. I am nearly ambushed this time, but I survive the last second by activating my Splashdown, knowing it won't splat anyone once the time runs out. It's a fitting way to end the battle.

Sure, the turquoise inkling didn't help her team and pretty much threw the battle away. But she really lifted my spirits after a long evening of battling, and for that I am thankful.

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