Lucky splats in Front Rolling Splatfest [1108p, 10-2, Sploosh-o-matic]

9th February 2018 – 7.00 am

Front-rollers versus front-rollers again. But this time, the ping is with me. I'm not the one seemingly getting hit with a splotch of ink and inksploding, and everything seems fair from my side. I can only imagine that some of the inklings I splat are seeing it differently. I feel for them, as I've had a bunch of battles that look unfair from my side. But I'm also enjoying that I feel competent at last. If you ignore that first Splashdown, anyway.

Facing Aerosprays head-on, and surviving that and a couple of flicks from a Inkbrush, whilst my Sploosh-o-matic squirts the drop that splats back as I'm turning to gain range. This is going very well indeed. Even hitting my head as I jump for the second Splashdown doesn't get me splatted.

I eventually am overwhelmed by purple ink, when two or three inklings converge on me. It was bound to happen. But I'm still feeling invulnerable enough that I rush back to have almost the same thing happen immediately. That was a bit reckless.

It looks like we're in danger of losing the battle too, and there's not much time left to make a difference. I try to surge out of our base to ink and squid, ink and squid, but a Hamster Ball holds me up, then the Inkbrush makes an appearance, and I don't want to get recklessly splatted again.

In the end, not even all those splats made the difference. But so goes Turf War, where the last minute can be more important than the previous two.

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