We survived Grillers in Salmon Run [16-13-28, 11/614]

10th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

It's a good start to the run, using my Rapid Blaster to splat a Steelhead. Everything feels quite relaxed for a while too. In fact, I take a lie down, on a grate. In to the water. Now it feels a bit more tense, and with salmonid bosses piling up around us. But I've learnt not to panic facing Flyfish, as their missiles take a while to reach you, and I recharge my tank to lob a Splat Bomb its way before grabbing a Golden Egg and moving on.

I divert from joining my squidmates to splat the Stinger before it causes any problems, and pause on my way back for a Flyfish. But with ten seconds left in the wave, I realise I'm wasting my time, and simply head back to drop off my Golden Egg. I get the Tri-slosher for the second wave, which is good. But the skies are darkening. What are we getting? Ah balls, Grillers!

I'm not sure I've survived a Griller wave, at least not at all recently. But I've been wiped out by them enough to have a good idea of what to do and what not to do. With my bucket, I'm probably best served taking care of the smallfry when I can, so my squidmates with their more appropriate weapons can splat the Grillers. It seems to work quite well. We make quota with a few seconds to go, and then it's just down to survival, which we all manage. Woomy!

I've got the Heavy Splatling for the third wave, at low tide. I should be okay. Even with the first Flyfish facing the wrong way, I still get my Splat Bomb in its launcher. Not too shabby! I also sensibly wait for the Scrapper to reach the basket before inking it, and send a Drizzler's missile straight back at it.

My confidence guides me to the edge of the jetties, jumping behind a Scrapper. A cry for help catches my attention, but I think splatting the two Stingers is probably a better use of my time. Of course, I am somewhat isolated where I am, and nearly get caught out, but just about manage to squeeze my way past the boss salmonids to get back to the basket.

The Steelhead seems strangely impervious to my Sting Ray, but we seem to have everything under control. Indeed, we collect a bumper lot of Golden Eggs in the third wave, and finish the Salmon Run quite comfortably. Woomy!

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