Where's the support in Tower Control [9(2)-3, Hero Charger Replica]

10th February 2018 – 7.00 am

I miss that Octobrush by a small margin, which isn't a bad shot but is disappointing, because they run so quickly it would have been good to splat him whilst thinking he's hidden. The next shot is sweet, catching the inkling in the ink. And although I miss the inkling on the Tower, I catch the Octobrush's feet sticking out around the corner.

I catch up to help clear the Tower, and get a flukey assist when trying just to ink. The Sting Ray helps clear the path ahead for squidmates to push, but when the Dualies miss my backwards squidding I should have retreated further, and not try to get cute with a Splat Bomb.

We just miss stealing the lead, and I don't think I quite spot at the time the tiny puddle of ink where an intruder is hiding. But he stays there, so it probably doesn't matter. The green team push and increase their lead, as I don't get in to the best position to defend. But we stop the push, the Tower comes back our way, and I do my best Maws impression to headbutt an inkling to splat him.

My next Sting Ray hits nothing, and I probably could have spent another second looking for targets. Once again, the Tower comes our way, and I am left trying to splat the inklings off it at closer range than I ought. I'm wondering where my support is, the shooters that can do this better. And even though I get one splat, the Hamster Ball is not Kraken-like in its untouchable riding.

I finally try to hop on to the Tower to drop a Splat Bomb, but I end up being caught by green ink on the sides, and green ink being splashed at me. And as an Inkjet bobs up and down to frustrate my aim, the Jet Squelcher takes advantage of a stationary target to splat me away, as the Tower rides to the goal.

At least I find out that we lost of Dualies early on, hence the change in tide. It did feel like we didn't have enough ink.

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