Always on the back foot in Tower Control [11-5, Hero Charger Replica]

11th February 2018 – 7.00 am

I don't see that blue squid hit our right flank until his ink is hitting me, but I somehow manage to get clear. The same can't be said for my squidmate who is splatted by a Robo Chicken. I also manage to turn a poor position around quite well, avoiding the Sting Ray to get one splat, clearing the Tower of a squid with a second splat, and riding the Tower all the way back to the first checkpoint.

I lose my support along the way, but the team did well to get us this far. The blue team push back, of course, which I stop temporarily with another splat on the Tower. But everything is looking very blue already, and there aren't many angles we can pursue without being in dangerous turf. I take the safest route for a charger and head down the Tower's path.

Avoiding a splat from the Rapid Blaster is a good result, and dodging the Sting Ray lets me clear the Tower again and have another ride. No additional progress is made, thanks to some well-timed Tenta Missiles, and trying to get the Tower back has my squidding right under a Splashdown with little I can do about it.

The Tower continues to trundle on, and I move to intercept, using the stored-charge technique that is taking me a little getting used to. But I clear the Tower and start moving it back the other way. We can't get past the blue-held central column, though. Not even a battle of Sting Rays helps, although I think we won that little battle.

I am distracted by an inkling trying to get behind us again, but am reminded of the Tower when a Sting Ray swings wildly around, like a less threatening salmonid Stinger. I move to the Tower and try to clear it again, being less successful this time with both aimed shots and dropped Splat Bombs. Resorting to wild uncharged shooting works.

But despite clearing the Tower and jumping on, and splatting the Rapid Blaster's Splat Bomb Rush with my own Splat Bomb, Tenta Missiles force me off the Tower with seconds left in the battle. And, I note, the rest of my squidmates splatted. I join them soon after, and the blue team claim the Tower and the victory.

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