First look at Ancho-V Games in Turf War

10th May 2016 – 5.04 pm

New map Ancho-V games gets added to the rotation. Time to break out an easy weapon and take a look around. Turf War is probably a better way to reconnoitre the map than Rainmaker, the ranked mode, so I join the queue and get ready.

And in the queue for Turf War I realise that recon mode is a better way to recon a map than playing Turf War. I actually told myself to recon the map first, but somehow forgot. I was probably too excited.

In to the deep end, but a deep end of ink, thankfully. I check my gamepad for the overall layout, take a safe route, and ambush an incautious charger. From there, I find my way around, toy with the chargers, and ink as much turf as I can.

First impressions are that Ancho-V Games looks like a lot of fun!

Let's have a second battle there: Ancho-V Games 2 in Turf War

I follow up my accidental recon of Ancho-V Games in Turf War with a second Turf War battle. I take the same route as the first time, allowing my Bubbler to charge, then try to get a good internal understanding of the map.

I spend a bit of time trying to jump to where I think I've found an otherwise inaccessible area. That gets me splatted a few times which could have been avoided. And when I finally make the jump, I realise I can get to the same area a different way. Never mind, now I know.

After that, I just try to spray ink as fast as I can. That's a pretty good tactic in Turf War.

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