First look at Ancho-V Games Tower Control

19th July 2016 – 5.20 pm

Ancho-V Games and Mahi Mahi Resort are in the map rotation, so I think I'm in for some Splat Zones. But no! Tower Control! I don't think I've seen Tower Control on either of these maps, so this will be interesting. I equip my Tri-slosher and head in to a Ranked battle.

Of course, I realise that maybe I should have gone in to recon to start with, at least to see where the tower is and the track it rides along. I'm sure I can improvise my way through this, or, if not, can just chase a charger half-way across the map out of petty vindictiveness.

The tower starts in the middle of the map. In retrospect, that should have been obvious. Its track is fairly obvious too, but I am partly drawn to the flanking route, and partly disorientated a little by starting in a different corner than usual.

I soon get the lay of the map, though, and have no excuse for losing apart from not being as good as the other team.

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