Lucky splats in Tower Control (8-3, Splatterscope)

15th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

When you're doing well, the splats fall in to your lap. Another battle on Blackbelly Skatepark, and I am opposite an E-litre 3K this time. I think I need to be a little less conventional to survive.

Forgoing my usual perch may have saved my suction cups. A green inkling takes the tactic of sneaking around the back, and it is only good fortune that I spot him. My normal tactic of pooping a Splat Bomb works well again, and I escape to cover the inkling's tracks.

Trying to cover the ink nearly gets me splatted, but I am saved not by my Splat Bomb Rush but a squidmate. Thanks, squidmate! But I do get a splat with the Rush, which is good. But the E-litre shows himself. And disappears. And reappears as a Kraken! Run away!

I squid away, jumping the Kraken and moving on to the tower. Good move, maybe. It gets me in to trouble, albeit helped by an Echolocator, and by some good fortune, and finally squirting out a Splat Bomb, I get rid of the Roller. And whatever inkling squidded in to my sights afterwards.

That splat at 2'42" is super-lucky, but I'll take it. And I overestimate my throwing arm. But I spy a spy, trying to ink their way behind our ranks. I cover some of the ink, but not before we lose our lead.

This is the point where the E-litre 3K rears his head again, once more as a Kraken. I jump out of his way again, and somehow don't get splatted, but my idea to bounce a Splat Bomb off the wall in to the path of a pursuing Kraken-turned-inkling doesn't pay off.

The E-litre 3K remains standing. And standing on top of the Skatepark's column. Quite how I escape his attention, and sneak past the Roller, to not get splatted AND splat him in the face, I don't know. I must have my mojo back.

I don't have my mojo back enough to win the battle, but that's okay. It's been another excellent battle, one of an evening's worth I've greatly enjoyed. That's why I give the little 'Nice!' at the end. Woomy!

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