Not enough to control the Splat Zones (11-8, Tri-slosher)

21st October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I don't fancy my chances with the Splatterscope in Splat Zones, despite one of the maps being Camp Triggerfish. So what weapon shall I use. The Tri-slosher is a favourite, and that both lets me throw ink around and be mobile. Along with the Disruptor, keeping opponent ink levels low, it should do me okay.

I get a great start to this battle. I think about going around the outside to flank, but pause to get some ink in the Splat Zone. Going around the back is a good move too, with no one coming up the side.

From there, I get a bit too embroiled in a scrap that shouldn't be personal, with an inkling trying to flank us. I realise I shouldn't be doing this, so change my tack again, which does wonders for my splats and productivity.

I mix up trying to keep a bit of ink in the Splat Zones, out-flanking our opponents, and keeping the opposition flanker away from our base. It all works our rather well for me, but not quite so well for our team.

The Splat Zones stay purple more than teal, despite my best efforts to keep the other team suppressed, and I start the evening with a loss. Never mind, it was a good battle!

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