Looking for the Rainmaker (2-2, Tri-slosher Nouveau)

23rd December 2016 – 7.00 am

I like my buckets, but I think the Tri-slosher Nouveau may be better for Rainmaker than the basic bucket, with the Seeker painting long straight(ish) lines. Not so handy on Ancho-V Games, perhaps, but I'll see if I can make them work. And can I survive without a Bubbler?

I get a couple of early splats, clearing out the tussle for the Rainmaker, then give carrying the Rainmaker a quick go. If only that weren't a Carbon Roller, maybe I'd have had that little more time to squid up the blocks.

My 'Nice!', like most times, is premature. But I head back to the battle, super-jumping to my squidmates, and, well, try to orientate myself. The Rainmaker must be somewhere. It's only when I glance at the top of the display that I realise the purple squids reset it by squidicide.

I turn back, as my squidmates continue to apply pressure near the podium, and burst the Rainmaker's shield, with a little bit of final help. I reset my view by accident, nearly badly miss a jump, just slightly miss it, but my squidmates are on the ball.

One last little bit of ink and the podium is there and waiting for the Rainmaker. Woomy!

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