Pushing it forwards in Tower Control (15-6, Tri-slosher)

14th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I go one way, but bump in to inklings. So I go the other way, and bump in to inklings. Never mind, the start is nearly always chaotic. Disrupting the Rapid Blaster easily makes up for any early hiccup, including not splatting in the incoming super-jumper.

I try out-flank the inklings on the Tower, as I tend to do, but the route around the side on Ancho-V Games is a bit more awkward, with no easy route back up to our own side. That lets the teal team get a lead that perhaps we could have stopped sooner.

All is forgotten soon enough, though, as our first push goes smoothly to take the lead. Now I feel more comfortable and skirmishing around the edges and providing support in the form of disruption. I'm not sure how comfortable I am splatting an AFK inkling, though. I just went with it at the time.

Another push by us gets everyone in the same place, great for some Bubbler action that can be spread around. Splats for everyone! We're in a pretty good position now, and I'm happy to squid around looking to be a disruption again.

As the timer ticks down, I ignore the Tower and look for inklings, which is perhaps the wrong choice. We only need feet on the Tower to end the battle in our favour. Still, as they get control I realise my folly and turn back, and I'm actually in a good position as a result.

I splat one inkling and provide enough inky pressure to force another just about off the edge of the Tower. On top of that, my ink-resistant boots help me jump out of the ink and just about get a grip on the Tower, letting me squid up, get feet on the Tower, and make our victory certain. Woomy!

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