Making quota in Salmon Run [8-9-11, 9/332]

3rd December 2017 – 7.00 am

I can use a Splatling. I've toyed with them before, and had fun with the Mini version. It is a good long-range support weapon. And that's handy, because the first wave is Grillers, not covered in the induction, and quite nasty if you don't know what you're doing. They are laser-guided and pick one inkling to chase. You have to splat the one tentacle first, then the others that spin when it's damaged. And you need to do it fast, otherwise more Grillers will come, and that gets dangerous.

Most importantly, if you're the target of the Griller, run away. Actually, more important than that is, when you're running away, don't run past your squidmates, or you'll get them all splatted. I get picked on twice in a row, and I try to keep the Griller at bay whilst keeping it close enough for my squidmates to shoot, but it doesn't quite go to plan. That gets us multiple Grillers, and it almost looks like we won't make quota. It doesn't help that I can't jump up a small step, but at least we have the bare minimum to complete the wave.

Second wave, and I have the Octobrush. I have used brushes before, but have never really found myself effective with them, and it's only been in passing. I will have to get better with them. I get myself in all sorts of bother, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the right place at the wrong time, and am really not the right inkling to be dealing with Steel Head. I can't even find an escape route at that point, with the bosses building up. We meet quota, but our survival isn't guaranteed, with three inklings down with fifteen seconds to go.

Our Splat Dualies revives the Splat Roller before being splatted moments later, and the Splat Roller revives the Splat Charger before also being splatted moments later. It is quite an achievement to make it to the third wave, where I'm given the Splat Dualies. That would be better for me, if I had seen a Mothership wave before. This is new to me, but I quickly work out you need to splat the drop-ship salmonids to get eggs. It's difficult o read Mr Grizz's advice mid-battle, though, and it takes a squidmate to point out that the Mothership is stealing our collected eggs.

Thankfully, we shoo away the Mothership this time, and get back to egg collecting, such as it is. We're not reaching the drop ships quickly enough, but luckily some collecting coincides with the Mothership moving in again. We repel the Mothership a second time, and deposit our newly collected eggs, but with under ten seconds left we are two shy. Two eggs are nearby! With some alacrity, we collect them and race back to deposit them, and with two seconds remaining we make our third-wave quota.

Few, that was close. We only just made quota in each wave. It doesn't really get much closer than that. I don't think that makes me much of an overachiever, but I'll take it.

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