Junior splats in Rainmaker [12(5)-5, Splattershot Jr]

22nd December 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm having a lot of trouble in Ranked battles. There are so many more inklings active now, and so many more that are better than me, plus the ranking system is overwhelmed with new inklings entering the system all the time, that I'm not really sure I fit in. Trying different weapons, like I used to, isn't doing me any favours. So to save my sanity, it's back to basics. I've got my Splattershot Jr, and I'm just going to play as sensibly as possible.

Well, not entirely sensibly. I've got Respawn Punisher equipped, partly because I like the shirt, and partly to make whatever few splats I get count more. I don't think my being out of the battle a few seconds longer here and there will affect my squidmates too much, to be honest. And my nature to hold back and support pays off immediately, catching an inkling trying to flank my squidmates. That'll do.

Already suitably emboldened, I grab the Rainmaker for the second push of the battle, turn around, and head in a different direction. It bags me two splats from a lucky shot, but I'm caught from behind before I can turn the ink rail teal to sneak ahead. Super-jumping back doesn't work, though, but that's okay.

The orange team push back and steal the lead, although it was much of a lead to beat. As we turn the Rainmaker around, a nicely rolled Splat Bomb catches a super-jumper landing and a second inkling for a super double-splat, and although I'm splatted by a third inkling our Rainmaker carrier remains mobile.

We don't get too far with the Rainmaker on this attempt. I quite like the opportunity it gives me to sneak around the side of a Brella, though, and don't mind too much getting splatted by the Luna Blaster after that. I'm obviously getting bolder, as my return sees me rushing ahead of the Rainmaker to support from the front, with a reminder as to why I didn't want to do that so much.

Even so, my splatting doesn't affect my squidmates too much, or the push, which sees the Rainmaker dunked before I've reappeared at our base. I'll blame my hockey jersey for that.

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