Kenickie brings in the rubbish

28th March 2008 – 8.31 am

When Kenickie first started venturing outside he would go a-hunting in his own way, and this led to him bringing in his 'kills', which were leaves. He was probably attracted to them being blown around by the wind. This was rather cute, if a little messy after they dried up, although that more points to how often I vacuum than anything. Now that it's Spring it seems that the number of leaves scattered around has diminished greatly, or Kenickie has got bored with them. He has found new things to bring in: rubbish.

In recent days he has brought in an old and ripped tennis ball, a plastic ring from a bottle, a plastic four-pack can holder, and some grotty scrunched-up paper. I could try to spin this by claiming that I have an environmental kitty, and his Womble-like intentions are to clean the local area of rubbish by bringing it inside for me to dispose of properly, but that just isn't the case. I know this because when I've been going to sleep 'Tomsk' has been jumping on to my tiger fur duvet-covered bed with his findings, wanting me to play with them with him. They are just new toys to him.

As much as I enjoy having crap on my bed when trying to sleep, I have this crazy reaction of throwing it on to the floor, to dispose of in the morning. But Kenickie is a wonderfully playful kitty and thoroughly enjoys a game of 'fetch', so when I throw the rubbish off the bed he takes this as a sign that it's playtime and gleefully chases the rubbish down and brings it back to me. It's a lot of fun with one of his cat toys, it's a little frustrating when it's some random crap from the street. Still, it's not really a big deal, just a potentially icky. I just need to remind myself that one of these days it will probably be a disemboweled rodent that I am pawing at in the middle of the night, and Kenickie will be only to happy to play 'fetch' with that too.

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  2. Best thing Monty ever brought in was a pair of action man trousers.

    By Melmoth on Mar 31, 2008

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