What am I listening to?

5th April 2008 – 4.09 pm

I will listen to music in different ways. Having my iPod plugged in to my hi-fi system allows me to have my whole collection at my fingertips, and I take advantage of that by putting the iPod on random album shuffle. I also use my multi-CD player so that I can listen more frequently to albums I have bought recently. And if I want to listen to something specific without changing a CD I can fire up iTunes and stream music across my Airport Express. Overall, I am able to appreciate my recent purchases whilst having my entire library available.

The subject line isn't a question from a hypothetical person to myself but a question I actually found myself asking. Having bought several CDs from new artists recently I found that I had forgotten what I put in to my CD player, and ended up wondering just who I was listening to. It took a little while, but I remembered finally, before looking at the CD case, that I was listening to Holton's Opulent Oog. It's a name I didn't think would be easily forgotten. At least, not for long. With the mystery solved I sat back and enjoyed the folky music, which was what perked my attention up in the first place.

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