Advocating City of Heroes

27th April 2008 – 12.40 pm

With City of Heroes working on my Mac thanks to Crossover Games I've been running around Paragon City as Sue Purr, tiger woman extraordinaire. But with random crashes of the game occurring frequently, causing me to have to relaunch the game maybe a dozen times per gaming session, I am not getting the full experience that City of Heroes offers. The game looks like a lot of fun too, running around a living cityscape with gangsters to bring to justice with my energy beams and power punches, as well as fighting for the greater good through missions given by contacts. I would really like to be able to play interrupted.

Maybe I don't want to play without the game crashing enough to install Windows, but certainly enough to become a Crossover Games advocate for City of Heroes. I applied both to have the chance to improve Crossover Games for everyone using the software but mostly so that I can get the most out of the game itself. From the Crossover Games compatibility forum for City of Heroes there are quite a few people interested in getting the game running properly, so there's a good chance that Codeweavers will take interest too.

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