Villains and heroes

28th May 2008 – 7.55 am

Magnet Magentson, my City of Villains Mastermind, has a new robot! Buttercup's a defensive 'bot, or somesuch, but with guns. It protects Fluffy, Snowflake and myself with a defensive shield, can repair the other two robots, and in its spare time shoots my opponents. Nifty! I have some defensive shields that I can use to protect all of my robots but not on myself, so being shielded by one of my minions is quite helpful. I'm not sure how many of the shields stack with each other, I'll poke through the manual to try to find out, but I get the impression that they are all helping. Magnet Magnetson is flying through the levels now, robbing banks, defeating heroes, and gaining a certain amount of notoriety.

Being a Mastermind super-villain is a lot of fun! It's probably a little overpowered, and maybe this is a conscious effort to allow for the added complexity of controlling multiple henchmen instead of just your own powers. The power of the archetype comes from being many. Whilst not as powerful individually as other villains I have power in numbers. With concentrated fire my three 'bots and myself can take down a minion in a single volley, after which we can move on to a new target. If there is a lieutenant in the enemy's group I can keep him at bay with my knockback attack until the 'bots have cleared the minions, and then we can concentrate fire on the lieutenant.

I can also split the 'bots up and have one or more of them target different mobs, which allows them to 'tank' each one, getting the mob to attack them instead of me. This keeps me free to add firepower to one target, keep one target at bay with my knockback, renew the shields on the 'bots and allies, or even to escape. And if any 'bots get defeated I can recall them mid-fight, assuming the fight isn't going badly and I want to escape, and that the cool-down on the summoning power is over. With Buttercup's repair ability this is less necessary than before, though.

I'm enjoying the Mastermind archetype, although I'd like to get back to Sue Purr at some point, if just to run around as a tiger woman. It's a shame that I didn't have time to create a proper identity for Magnet, instead hitting the 'random' button until something interesting turned up. I like her look, it's just not tied to the name or powers. I think I get an opportunity or two to get another costume, so if I get that opportunity I would like to spend the time to get the proper look, probably something metallic.

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  2. Not to worry, pop along and see the Facemaker in Cap Au Diable (marked on the map, in the south west corner I think), and you can change your costume whenever you like. There is a fee which scales according to your level, but it's not too bad at lower levels. They also hand out free costume change tokens now and again, I believe there's one due this Friday, so that would be an excellent opportunity for a makeover.

    At level 20 the Facemaker will also give you a mission, with a reward of another costume slot (and further slots available at levels 30 and 40 from other zones).

    By Zoso on May 28, 2008

  3. Excellent, thank you. I'll give myself some time to play around and create The Right Look, although that might take a few hours from my current experience with the character creator. Waiting for Friday sounds like the best option for now.

    By pjharvey on May 28, 2008

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