A couple of updates

2nd June 2008 – 8.48 am

I still haven't learnt my lesson about headaches. I woke up Sunday morning with only a vague sense that maybe my head would start aching but stupidly resisted the urge to see about getting some paracetamol, thinking that it wasn't even a headache yet and it would be foolish to take pain tablets before I was in pain. Unfortunately, by the time I realised that I really needed to be taking a couple of pills I was on a train and some time away from being able to seek any. When I was able to get some pain relief I wanted to do nothing more afterwards but curl up on the sofa quietly and wait for my head to stop pounding. I need to recognise better the beginnings of a headache and take the paracetamol early, as a preventative measure, otherwise eventually I become effectively incapacitated for an hour or two.

I had noticed at the end of last week that the gaffer tape holding the tiger ears on to my crash helmet was lifting slightly on the right ear. It was not enough to cause immediate concern, as it was the central part of the tape that was lifting, not the edges, but I noted that I ought to replace the tape to prevent the ear from flying off as previous ones have. I got around to retaping the ear to the helmet last night, having forgotten about it for most of the weekend, not having worn my biking gear. The old tape was still quite secure, which is encouraging for the continued wearing of tiger ears as I ride my motorbike as it indicates that as long as I inspect the tape occasionally I should get plenty of time for any preventative maintenance.

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