Summer jumper

10th June 2008 – 1.58 pm

With hot weather upon us now I am trying a new strategy to cope with the often stupidly cold office. I don't think I should be wrapping up warm to work in a normal office environment, but wearing a t-shirt seems out of the question when I get chills in a winter jumper. I think it's absurd to have to change clothes to enter the office, particularly a modern office in a building under four years old, and although I appreciate air conditioning I am far from impressed about the 21st century if technology just makes me freeze. Even so, whilst I can inform site services that it is too cold it doesn't directly help me.

I have the added complication of commuting on my motorbike, and I am not about to ride up and down a motorway without leathers for protection, which make me rather hot to start with and if I have to wear something warm underneath for the office I will end up losing pints of precious fluids on my ride. I need to wear something light for the bike, and the suitably Summer weather, whilst avoiding ice in my veins in the office.

As silly as I consider it to be, I have decided to bring a jumper with me to the office to change in to if I get cold, and to wear weather-appropriate clothing otherwise. I won't be carrying a jumper with me back-and-forth every day, instead leaving it in my desk and probably changing it once a week for freshness. It's far from an ideal solution, but one that should help me stay warm at work and cooler outside without being too imposing.

I'm also going to get a hat to wear at work, because of the draughts blowing down on top of me almost wherever I go. I just need to find one first, which will require a shopping expedition at the weekend.

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