Suburbs for villains

2nd July 2008 – 12.55 pm

Defeating Dr Echo in City of Villains ended my relationship with my current contact in Cap Au Diable, and he gave me a neat-sounding ability as a reward for completing all his work. I received some kind of temporal door-opening ability, allowing myself and my team-mates to time travel. Sounds exciting!

I called forth the inter-temporal doorway and, well, just stood there being denied access. Even though I had just reached threat level 20 I needed to be threat level 25 to pass through the doorway. It may be a really neat ability and gateway to further exciting escapades, but it's a bit demotivating having to gain five levels before it can even be used.

I'll find another contact easily enough, I'm sure. I am hoping that I will be taken away from the current region to another one, or at least my new contact won't send me in to one Arachnid base after another, abandoned or otherwise. I could really use a change of scenery.

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