iPod Touch Gelaskin

4th July 2008 – 8.20 am

Melmoth's keen websense tingled a few weeks back and he pointed me towards the Gelaskins website, which sells 'artist-designed removable skins' for various iPods, portable computers, and gaming devices.

I browsed through the iPod Touch section of the Gelaskin range, which offers a large variety of different skins. I quite like a few of the steampunk skins, like the Underworld Gelaskin, and the classic art skins are attractive, such as Van Gogh's Café at Night Gelaskin. After browsing them all I couldn't resist buying the Never Mind Gelaskin.

I liked the art of the skin so much that I visited the website of the artist, Stella Im Hultberg, and browsed through more of her work. I quite like what she does.

My order for the Gelaskin was delivered pretty quickly considering it was coming from Canada. The skin itself was easy enough to apply, allowing for realignment if necessary before being pressed down to remain firmly in position. It looks quite attractive on the back of my iPod Touch. The only problem is that I generally lay my iPod face-up on a surface if I am listening to it at a desk, so I don't get to see the Gelaskin, and if I lay it face-down so that I can see the skin I risk scratching the screen. I could buy some screen protectors to mitigate that, but I get to see the skin when I'm handling the iPod and it looks good.

Along with the Gelaskin, each sale of an iPod Touch skin gives access to the site's collection of iPod Touch wallpapers. These are the skin designs themselves, as well as some different graphics from the same set, available as files to download. I grabbed a few of the ones that I liked and transferred them across to the iPod. Now I can pick and choose from my favourite design as the background image for my iPod, so even though I might not see the Gelaskin as much as I would like I get to see a similar graphic every time I wake my iPod from sleep.

The Gelaskin is a nice idea and well implemented. I rarely apply this kind of decoration to my devices, but the quality and variety of designs was alluring, as well as the ease of application and the possibilty of swapping the skins occasionally. I am quite pleased with my purchase.

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