No more defunct hosting

22nd July 2008 – 3.08 pm

I recently received another reminder that my hosting service was overdue for payment, having ignored the previous reminder. As my frustration was short-lived and I realised I bore no ill-will to the company, and that judging by the status reports their support service appears to have returned to the good quality level of late, I thought it would be polite if I wrote to confirm officially that I had moved to a different hosting provider. Considering that I was getting no replies from technical support at the time, which was mostly the source of my frustration, I only didn't inform them of my move previously because I didn't see the point in banging my head against a brick wall.

I sent an e-mail detailing how quite a few e-mails went completely unanswered, except for automated repsonses that showed they had entered the support system, and that this lack of response during a period when I needed help, as well as reminding them to send me an invoice for the continued hosting service, was what prompted my move to a different company. I also wrote that I was otherwise satisfied with the service I had received and would still consider the company in the future.

A reply came back today. I got an answer as to why e-mail from inside their network didn't reach my new hosting provider. It was because their servers were configured to host the domains they were treated as local internally and so no DNS call was made for the routing to those domains, which makes sense. Now that they know the domains aren't hosted there the DNS records have been updated and this shouldn't be a problem any more, which is good.

The reply still seemed rather curt. I had tried to be diplomatic and wasn't angry, merey pointing out what had gone wrong from my point-of-view in the hopes that it would be helpful, but there was no mention in the e-mail about not replying to support requests. A simple apology would have gone a long way.

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