Kung fu tigress

14th August 2008 – 1.49 pm

Kung Fu Tigress

With Kung Fu Panda the best film of the year so far, and my being a bit of a furry with a penchant for cats, I was quite excited to see that there is a stuffed Tigress toy available for sale! I was less excited to find out that the payment and delivery options were limited to the USA, with me across the pond.

Luckily, I have awesome friends of awesomeness, with one particularly awesome US friend who was happy to order a Tigress for me and then ship it over the Atlantic. Expecting the package to take around a week to arrive I was quite surprised to find it on my doorstep after only three days!

Tigress and I are getting along quite well, and she's showing me some nifty kung fu moves, although those are mostly to keep Kenickie the cat from pouncing on her.

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