Another consequence of trying to afford a Drake

25th August 2008 – 1.08 pm

It was quite exciting to find that my standings with the Caldari Navy had increased to the point where I could move on from my high quality level two agent to accept my first level three mission. The level three agent only enjoyed a quality level of -18, but the step up in mission levels was the significant aspect of the move. However, my first level three mission proved to be rather more difficult than I had imagined, much more so than moving from level one to level two missions. I ended up returning to my level two agent of quality level 16 to run more missions to earn money to afford a battlecruiser to take on the level three mission.

The number of missions I ended up running afforded me not only a Drake but also an unanticipated consequence. After finally finishing my first level three mission I looked over the list of agents again. When I had previously looked I was only just acknowledged by level three agents, but after a week of heavy mission running the quality of level three agent that was willing to talk to me had jumped from -18 right up to a quality level of 3! It looks like future level three mission rewards will be even more profitable than the first.

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