Missed another gig

17th September 2008 – 7.04 am

I missed a gig recently, and fortunately worked out why I had missed it and had another opportunity to see the same band soon afterwards. Unfortunately, events conspired against me. For a start, tickets were not available to buy for the gig, but I kept myself feeling positive about getting to the venue in good time to be able to get in.

The day of the gig coincided with having external customers visit at work for some testing, which is a rare occasion, and, being their host, my sense of responsibility kicked in. I know that they are away from their site and so each day spent here is important, and whilst the time worked per day is flexible the number of days worked is best kept to a minimum. Trying to fit as much in as possible in the first day, in an effort to keep to the two-day schedule, coupled with a few problems encountered with the testing, meant that I ended up working almost twelve hours.

Nevertheless, I was still feeding myself positive thoughts. I was considering how long it would take me to get home, at which point I could feed the cat, feed myself, and still get to the station to catch an early-enough train. Yes, it could be done, even though work had run on much later than normal. The day was finally over, ironically enough with a test failure that more than likely will end up pushing the schedule over to a third day, and I got changed in to my leathers for the ride home.

I was a little deflated to walk across the car park to see, from a distance, my rear tyre also deflated. It wasn't a little compressed under the weight of the bike, merely jonesing for a fix of compressed air, but as good as flat. A closer inspection revealed a screw, or similar, imbedded neatly just off the tyre's centre. I would be pushing my luck to limp the bike to a garage in the hopes the puncture was slow and pumping it up would be enough to get me home, so I resign myself to finding an alternative passage home.

My brother was kind enough to come and pick me up, and I was able to get home safely. By now, I am tired from the long day of minor dramas and just about too late to get to the gig on time, even without trying to grab a bite to eat for my grumbling tummy. Instead, I treat myself to a takeaway pizza and cuddle up with my kitty. Tomorrow is another day, and I need to get my bike repaired. Besides, I have a gig or two lined up for some great artists where I have already bought tickets. Everything is okay.

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