Applying to an EVE Online corporation

29th September 2008 – 11.32 am

In other gaming news, I've taken the step of applying to a proper EVE Online corporation. I created my own corporation a little while back as a way to get out of the default corporation and its inane chat channel, and I only created it because I could not seeing a way to resign from a corporation, only move from one to another.

Owning my own company is not particularly satisfying when it is nothing more than a placeholder, a means of getting away from something. I have no plans to recruit, or really understand what it means to run a corporation in EVE Online. And whilst I am certainly having a fun and interesting time there is also a great deal of the game that I am avoiding by only running missions, hence my renewed interest in finding a good company to join.

I am not sure whether my application will be accepted, and I am little uncomfortable about the whole process with dealing with strangers, but if it isn't there are more options available.

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  2. Good luck!

    I have a lot of trouble getting past the initial reluctance of dealing with strangers and getting comfortable in a new group dynamic, but if you find the right group of pilots it can make the Eve experience many times more vibrant and fun.

    And remember, if it doesn't work out this time, try again. There is a corp out there for you.

    By Kirith Kodachi on Sep 29, 2008

  3. Well, DSTIC is a very small collection of 3 motley crew, from Scotland, England and Nashville, who all play mostly in UK evenings, with some weekends. Based in Gallente space, around Oursauleut as its a mini-jita of sorts, so useful for both getting missions, and buying items cheap.

    We find doing L3 missions together is 250% quicker than solo - even with only 2 going... so basically being in a corp increases ISK gains greatly. Use EVE-voice as its pretty good... Voice comms are essential for the big L4 missions apparently, so you may want to consider it !

    The corps aims are for industrial domination. But we don't do mining.... so don't worry. When online we're either doing industrial things, or missions generally currently. Tax a flat 5% - purely to pay for the central hangers where we keep a communal hanger o'loot for the stuff we personally don't need.

    I'm away for 2.5 weeks on my annual hols so we are not taking new applications - but take a look at my blog anyhow... especially some of the earlier posts...

    Some corps exploit new players imho with mining requirements, and missioning with no personal gains - there will be a corp out there for you - but a bad corp can really sour your eve experience.

    By Darkplasma on Sep 30, 2008

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