Joining an EVE Online corporation

3rd September 2008 – 7.53 am

I mentioned in a previous entry my desire to resign from the default corporation in EVE Online and find a new place of employment. I got some good leads and followed them up, as well as performing some of my own research, albeit quite limited in scope, but getting in to an EVE Online corporation looks on first glance to be similar to finding a second job. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the process of finding my first job. I've had a look at some possible corporations and visited their websites to find out the entry requirements, and it all looks rather daunting. This is not helped by not really knowing what I want to get out of being a space cadet. I am enjoying running missions, and am interested in the manufacturing side even if mining for hours on end doesn't appeal as much. But I may just as well be interested in the low- or no-sec PvP regions of the galaxy, and probably need to be in a corporation to explore that more fully, if at all.

Part of the problem is my shy, and perhaps reclusive, nature. Other people scare me more than I'm willing to admit, and I don't know why. I only made it in to an active guild in World of Warcraft because some friends of mine were kind enough to get me invited, and it was latterly because of guild members that I got in to a raid group. It is the same friends who got me invited in to supergroups in City of Villains, and although I got a spontaneous invitation to a heroic supergroup, it was most likely only because I was a tiger cat-girl. I appreciate having good friends to help me along, and it really does help as once I become more comfortable within the guild or group I can generally get along with people, it is mostly the introductions and initial stages that I shy away from.

However, I have no friends playing EVE Online, which means getting in to a corporation will be completely my responsibility. And when it comes down to the choice between forcing myself to meet new people and living in my own little world, well, I started up my own corporation instead. For about ten minutes of skill training and 1.5 million ISK it seemed like a bargain to get out of the default corporation, even if I manage to make it a temporary solution and find a suitable corporation later. For now I am Penny Ibramovic, managing director of Catching Squirrels, a rather small corporation that is currently focussed on salvage operations.

Being the only member of a corporation is not ideal. For a start, I imagine that anyone could declare war on my corporation and I won't have many resources in order to retaliate effectively, making me an easy target. I am also unlikely to recruit new members of the company, making it a solo entrepreneurial venture and one that probably won't end up teaching me anything about running a corporation. At least I don't have to suffer the chat channel of the default corporation any more, whose contributors made my real-life company's newsgroup look modestly sane.

I am still playing massively multiplayer games as essentially solo experiences for the majority of my time, which is somewhat disappointing even if there is still a rich world to explore and experience. One day I hope to get over my fear of other people, and I am certainly improving, so that I can involve myself more. Until then, I'll keep Catching Squirrels running smoothly.

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  2. Look me up I have a solo corporation too, for pretty much the same reasons LOL! the corp is DEEP-13, my name's Urah Dedman (Ed Warkitten was my trial character's name), Minmatar, and I run missions almost exclusively - the income's pretty good (the pay, bonuses, loots and salvages from a good mission can be like 2 million!) though I'm still only in Level I's.
    My corps other two people are my account's alts, I made one to specialize in refining and industry, and the other is made to specialize in business and marketing.
    Hope to see mail from ya! :0)

    By Ed WarKitten on Sep 29, 2008

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