Coming home to Caldari

31st December 2008 – 4.03 pm

Having quit my corporation in EVE Online I leave myself in Minmatar space with several PvP-fitted ships, a mission-running Drake battlecruiser and a salvaging Cormorant, and plenty of recovered modules. My next step is uncertain, so I ponder my options.

I have thought about broadening my skills, teaching myself more gunnery skills as well as learning better how to run an armour tank. Thus one option is to stay where I am, with my current ships and proximity to some familiar low-sec zones in case I feel adventurous, as well as all the loot I've accumulated. As the modules are recovered from gun-equipped armour-tanks it will come in handy if I choose to learn those skills myself. I will still need to build up faction reputation in this region with level one agents for now, but I wouldn't want to run anything above a level one mission with my current gunnery skills anyway.

The other option is to head home to Caldari space. I will need to sell all the salvaged modules, rather than leaving it sitting in a hangar gathering dust, and work out whether it is worth hauling more than the Drake back with me. If I head home I will be able to pick up mission-running where I left off, with some high-quality level three agents in more familiar areas. My mind is made up when I realise that moving back to Caldari space doesn't preclude learning gunnery or armour-tanking skills. My main issue is with selling everything and moving again, after having done so to come down here for the corporation.

It turns out that selling all my loot is not that difficult, even with some of it being potentially quite useful or expensive. I can just buy it again when I can use it and in the meantime have some useful and more flexible ISK. I decide only to take the Drake back with me, along with some useful shield-tanking modules and some missiles. I have a Cormorant I left back at my previous base, as I appear to be reluctant to strip and sell ships second-hand, and frigates are too cheap to bother with hauling them back-and-forth.

It takes a while to make the many jumps but here I am, back in The Forge. I even pop back to Jita to pick up a couple of modules for the salvaging Cormorant, modules I learnt about since leaving the region a few months ago, making it an equivalent fit of the salvager I left behind. Despite being 'home' I am still a little unsettled and need to force a direction on myself. Do I go straight back to level three mission running, try my hand at production, or learn a different method of tanking and attacking?

What I need to do is get back in to some action. It has been too long since I have caused explosions bigger than a small moon. I need to stir my passion for space exploration and combat again. I poke around my contact list and find an agent who remembers me and hints that he could throw some work my way. I work out the logistics of getting the Drake and Cormorant the half-dozen systems away and set the wheels in motion.

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