Making test missiles

26th January 2009 – 11.06 am

I spent plenty of time as a capsuleer this weekend. Many thanks go to Kirith Kodachi who gave me a researched BPO for Scourge heavy missiles. I buy some minerals off the market and install a job in to a manufacturing slot to produce a healthy number of initial runs. In retrospect, it looks like the number of missiles coming out of the production line will only really be enough to feed my level three mission running, but as a first run it lets me make sure everything proceeds as I expect. I can also examine the material and production costs, which I can compare with the market to see how profitable selling the missiles may be. I only hope that I have done everything correctly, or the next level three mission I run with the missiles fresh of the production line could end sooner than intended.

I start a second, low mineral cost BPO running in a manufacturing slot as well, which will likely be my first attempt at turning minerals in to ISK on the market. With manufacturing slots apparently costing the same to install and run region-wide I choose to run my production line in the same station as I am performing material research, even though there is a slight wait for a free slot. This is pretty much for the convenience of not having to move items around, although it may end up being preferable to have a station with researched BPOs ready for manufacture and a station with unresearched BPOs, rather than a getting them intermingled. That is something to think about.

Apart from starting the manufacturing jobs I run a few more level three missions to build up my wallet again. I trained my spaceship skills and bought a Badger Mark II for its larger cargo hold and have a new stack of skill books waiting for me at an academy somewhere, so my costs have taken another hit. Making money from missions is quite easy, though, and I make back what I spent and a few million more fairly quickly. I pause my mission running to pursue other interests when I spy a healthy looking chunk of ombre floating around. I know I find mining boring, but it seems like a good opportunity to mine ombre in the relative safety of mission deadspace.

It's a shame that I come away with little ore at the end, because I forget when I first popped the can, but I spend my time doing other activities anyway, with an occasional moving of ore from my cargo hold to the jet-can, so it isn't really time wasted. Anyway, I was only going to store the ore until I could refine it with little waste, which involves more skill training. Despite a positive attitude towards my loss it still pushes me to investigate more efficient ways to bring an asteroid back to a station, but mining will definitely remain a tertiary concern behind industry and mission running for ISK.

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