So much to do, plenty of time to do it

3rd February 2009 – 11.15 am

Thousands more missiles roll of the production line, ready to be sold for a small profit that adds up decently for the quantities involved. It took a few days for this run to complete and I might leave it a day or two to see how this production run sells before committing the ISK to a subsequent run of such magnitude. I can wait, and not just because my expanded cargoholds are continuing to sell steadily with a healthy profit margin.

I have trained most of my industry and science skills to a competitive level so far. To get these skills to the most efficient level I have at least a month's worth of training and then I have more to learn to improve other aspects of research and manufacturing. Even if I had the relevant skills learnt my BPOs are waiting for material efficiency (ME) research jobs to complete—to start, even—which will also take around a month. I can wait, because I have to.

In other massively multiplayer games short-term goals can often be measured in a matter of hours. In EVE Online, a short-term goal can be a fortnight's concern, with long-term goals involving anything up to a year. I can afford to relax about trying to get everything done at once. I might have BPOs to buy and research, skills to learn, modules to manufacture and profits to make, but I still have a lot to learn about the process. I need to learn how to walk before I can run.

I am immensely grateful to Kirith Kodachi for giving me the researched BPO for Scourge heavy missiles, which has allowed me to start production runs and still turn a profit early in my change to an industrial rôle whilst my skills train and ME research sits in a queue. Once my first run of ME research has completed I will have the skills in place to make the next run quicker and cheaper, even if there is little that can be done about the queue. Not only that, I will have a bunch of newly researched blueprints ready to run through the production line.

Until I get new modules to manufacture I can continue to produce missiles and investigate cheap sources of minerals, production facilities and viable market centres, which is all valuable experience that can be exploited for greater profits in the future.

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