Selling like hot cakes

4th February 2009 – 10.55 am

One day of being on the market and over 80,000 Scourge heavy missiles have sold from my production run. This gets me back my investment in the run as well as some profit, leaving the remainder of the missiles as pure profit when they sell. Considering how quickly the missiles have sold initially I can only assume that the remainder will sell, so I get working on the next production run.

For the missiles currently flying off the market I tried to use my knowledge and experience to find the best place to sell them. First, I use the EVE Agents database. Despite my belief that any information you need about a game should ideally be easily found within the game itself, for purposes of immersion and convenience, so that you don't need to search for and read large amounts of text instead of actually playing the game, there are certainly some tools that make finding information quicker and easier. As I am after quite specific information I want to use the best tool for the job.

I am trying to sell heavy missiles, which I know are used on cruisers and battlecruisers and that those ships are taken on level two and three missions. I select my region on the EVE Agents database and restrict the search to level three agents. Plucking agents with reasonable standings who work in the command or security branches of the Navy from the list, I check the prices on the market for Scourge heavy missiles in the stations of those agents. This little research pays off. I find a station that has a good level three agent where the missiles for sale are priced with a 15% markup over other systems. I already know that people will often pay a little more instead of travelling outside the station so I set course to the new system, where I undercut the competition slightly whilst still making a much more healthy profit than selling in my previous location.

As I am warping and jumping I buy more minerals from the market to set up another production run of missiles. The price of tritanium is shooting up and it is difficult to get a bargain at the moment, but as long as I take the high cost in to account during manufacturing I can price the missiles to make a profit overall. Even so, making larger and larger production runs is costing me millions of ISK in materials. Although the missiles sell quickly the profit margin is hardly close to 100%, so I am either restricted to continually producing small runs or funding larger runs from my savings. For the moment my balance peaks and then dips below its previous value as I invest in ever more minerals, but as long as the missiles continue to sell I will get my money back with a profit and my wallet will grow steadily.

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