Being productive

27th February 2009 – 10.10 am

There is an awful lot happening for me at the moment in EVE Online. My first batch of ME research is coming to fruition, which has plenty of consequences. The direct consequences are that it frees up my limited number of research slots, allowing me to install more BPOs for ME research, and it lets me get my hands on the researched BPOs so that I can manufacture more types of modules.

Then there are the indirect consquences, the results of having plenty of options. With some slots free I need to decide what BPOs to install for ME research. I have a few sitting in my depot, having bought them a few weeks back, but I also get new ideas about what modules might be profitable to make and for what markets. For example, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to sell both warp stabilisers and warp disruptors close to low-sec space—or even in low-sec when I get my blockade runner. With occasional musing like this my small stack of blueprints grows slightly every now and again.

My new corporation is taking good care of me in this respect. A colleague generously offered up her unused research slots for my benefit, also making use of the corporation's POS for quick turn-around times, which I could hardly refuse. I'll soon have a bundle of researched BPOs to play with in manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing from the BPOs presents its own new consequences. When only making a few (hundred thousand) missiles here and there buying the minerals and getting them to the production plant was relatively straightforward. Now that I have a few items to make, soon to be more, my mineral needs become more extensive, both in quantities and type of mineral needed, which could end up with my buying minerals from many different stations in a couple of regions. Rather than making purchases essentially limited to the current production run I am beginning to think I should start monitoring the market for fluctuations more regularly and stockpile minerals that I need. I could keep sufficient manufacturing quantities at my manufacturing base and dip in to the market when there are bargains, making occasional trips to round up the minerals.

Stockpiling minerals would certainly be more convenient and save a considerable amount of time in most cases, making a few trips in one session to collect minerals instead of every time I want to start a production run, but it will require an initial investment in materials and that requires chunks of ISK. Whilst my wallet is healthy at the moment I cannot afford to stockpile minerals and train for and buy a Crane transport ship. I like to think my industrial endeavours will end up making me rich but for the moment I can make some quick ISK running missions for the rewards and bounties, as well as the loot and salvage. I will also be increasing my reputation so that I can install a jump clone at some point, which may come in useful.

I am getting researched BPOs delivered, buying more BPOs, buying plentiful stocks of minerals, installing production runs, setting up and monitoring sell orders, keeping track of skill training, and running missions for profit and reputation. It is all rather too much to do at once. This is good, as it means that whenever I come to New Eden I have options.

In the past I would simply run missions, now I can choose to run a mission, or check the market for gaps to fill or bargain minerals to snap up, start a new production run, or look at options for new BPOs. When I had just a couple of BPOs taking up my industry time there was a sense of urgency in making sure they were best utilised, much like ensuring a skill was training at all times, but with a few more I have enough jobs running in parallel that I always feel like I am making progress. Rather than push myself to get everything done at once I can instead look forward to every session in New Eden safe in the knowledge that I can be productive.

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  2. You think you are crazy with options now, wait until you get into Tech 2 invention. Expensive start up costs I know, but the right module/ammo/ship invention and you can make a small fortune.

    By Kirith Kodachi on Feb 27, 2009

  3. The hundreds of millions you're raking in suggest it is a lucrative market indeed. I wonder how many months it will take before I can start thinking about Tech II manufacture. Hmm.

    By pjharvey on Feb 28, 2009

  4. To get into simple module tech II invention like Invulnerability fields you need about 100 million isk for materials and skillbooks and probably 1-2 months training time.

    If you want a complete breakdown, feel free to email me:

    By Kirith Kodachi on Feb 28, 2009

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