Getting ready for Apocrypha

10th March 2009 – 10.06 am

The EVE Online servers should be down now, being upgraded with the Apocrypha expansion. When the universe comes back there will be wormholes leading to unknown space, vastly improved graphics for everyone, skill training queues, Tech III hardware and probably some other changes I've not been paying attention to. With the planned extended down-time I go in to New Eden and prepare myself.

Sadly, my preparations have nothing to do with learning about scanning anomalies, mining even more exotic minerals, or researching Tech III ship building but are quite mundane. It might be possible for a newbie like me to blunder in to w-space for some exploration but I need to keep some modicum of focus in my skill training rather than bouncing like a gnome in a minefield from one aspect of the game to another.

I have only fairly recently shifted in to an industrial rôle, pushing my skill training towards that end, after coming out of a PvP corporation and trying to learn some of those relevant skills. I would still quite like to get involved with PvP at some point, although the technical issues of voice-chat may prevent that still, so it's not like the learnt skills are wasted and as appealing as exploration and wormholes sound I would prefer to get the fundamental skills of industry trained first.

It is not as if there is some rush for me to start finding wormholes, the cosmic anomalies will still be there in a few months' time. Once I have established myself as an industrialist I can perhaps work towards Tech II manufacture and exploration together. It may not be as exciting as all the pioneering capsuleers heading out in to the unknown first, but it will be my personal journey.

So my preparations for Apocrypha are quite plain. I make sure any science and industry jobs that are ready are delivered and I am using all my research slots. I set up a slew of manufacturing jobs, trying a new module or two and starting new runs of the modules that are selling quickly. The production runs require more minerals, so I hunt down the best prices on the market and collect the ore, replenishing my stock. I ensure that I am training a skill that will take me at least a day beyond the planned down-time.

There is one final task that needs to be done, one that I hadn't expected. It seems that I have amassed over ten million skill points, although I apparently wasn't around to hear the fanfare. This leaves my clone somewhat stupider than me, so to mark the occasion I visit a medical station to upgrade my clone with a bigger skull to hold all the brain I've been growing.

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  2. You could try buy-orders for minerals. Usually way cheaper than hunting cheapest prices and flying to retrieve, simply place best local system price on a buy-order and it may well be lower. Sure it takes longer to fill - but you may sometimes get a bargain!

    By Deafplasma on Mar 10, 2009

  3. I've been thinking about doing that, to exploit capsuleers just wanting to off-load their haul. I'll probably give it a try soon, thanks.

    By pjharvey on Mar 10, 2009

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