Defending Wintergrasp

2nd April 2009 – 10.47 am

It may be that the regular open PvP battle for control of Lake Wintergrasp is an attackers' game but that doesn't make defending the keep impossible. The Alliance raid group that has collected seems experienced and determined to repel the Horde from invading and taking control. Of course, some groups are almost resigned to defeat when defending but most are optimistic initially, only to be routed by the almost-inevitable onslaught of the opposition as they roll through the walls with siege engines.

This time people seem more organised and coherent, staying in close-formed groups rather than attempting individual glory. The Horde forces are pushed back without being chased further than necessary so as not to weaken the integrity of the defensive line. When the vehicle workshops are assaulted it is done by small groups working as teams, acting as effective and competent skirmishers who, if not successful, are certainly disruptive.

The call goes up that one of the southern towers has been destroyed, weakening the Horde attackers. Destroying all three would strengthen our position considerably. My contribution to defending has seen me promoted to a position where I can pilot a demolisher and there are free vehicles to be built, so I head to the internal workshop and requisition a demolisher to help with the destruction of the towers.

I head for the south-eastern tower and trundle along slowly, thankfully avoiding any loose Horde on my journey. As I approach the tower I get a single escort, casting an AoE spell around my demolisher as it progresses. I wonder why this is being done until I reach the tower to see the previous demolisher broken to pieces and a minor battle between Horde and Alliance around the tower. My escort was ensuring my safety from stealthed characters. Now the small entourage protects my demolisher as I steadily weaken the tower with hurtling balls of flame, a few Horde rushing to try to destroy my vehicle before the tower collapses.

The organised Alliance drive to the southern towers, with vehicles to attack the tower and a small group to provide defence for the vehicle, leads to the successful destruction of the tower. I turn as the last required shot brings the walls crashing down and head towards the final tower, but the Horde inflict too much damage on the demolisher and I soon find myself back on two feet. I can hear that the third tower already is being pummelled so I ride back to the fortress to defend against the Horde vehicles.

Two external walls are broken through and one internal wall has fallen to expose the keep. The enemy's approach is broadcast efficiently and, with a fluidity that looks well-practiced, the entire defence moves to repel the threat of the invaders' vehicles before returning to a central position, not losing sight of our objective and hunting individual kills over the security of the keep. The time available to assault the keep is drawing to a close, the destruction of the towers having significantly reduced the amount of time available, and everyone is callled back to the inner walls to present what should be a blockade impassable in the remaining time.

And impassable we are! It was a massive battle and one that could easily have gone to the attackers. But with dedicated and coordinated groups working together, understanding the objectives and knowing the field of battle we were able to defend the keep successfully. Let no one say that the Alliance cannot defend Wintergrasp.

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