The battle to enter the battle for Wintergrasp

3rd April 2009 – 10.27 am

The raid group for the Alliance battle to take control of Wintergrasp is filling up nicely, with only three spots left, when someone asks if we should 'kick all the non-80s from the raid?' It is quite poetic, then, that he is quickly booted out of the raid by someone selfishly taking up a raid slot at the low level of 78, two below the cap. Somehow finding his way back in to the raid group, although not difficult with most members being able to assist with group invitations, he is quick to find out 'who kicked me?'

That would be me. I have no trouble admitting it either. With over 30 victories in Wintergrasp, and maybe a dozen or so defeats, all since 76th level, I am confident I know what I am doing in the PvP combat zone. And even if I can't compete one-on-one against 80th level characters in good equipment I can certainly cause them trouble, and in a big group I definitely contribute to the team effort.

It isn't even as though space is limited and that for a chance of winning only the best should be picked. Wintergrasp is a non-instanced world zone that anyone who can travel there can enter. The raid group is formed for the purposes of better cooperation and completion of shared quests, and if the first one becomes full a second quickly forms. Gone are the days where people refused to take responsibility to form the raid group in the smaller battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch, Wintergrasp has everyone coming together to fight for the common good that comes from controlling the region.

If being able to contribute and space not being a problem aren't reasons enough to assure my raid spot, perhaps being the raid leader and having spent the last ten minutes starting the group, inviting anyone who wants to join and promoting people so they can help with preparations should count for something. The belligerent fellow doesn't think so, 'no one wants you in a raid group, no offense', he tells me.

I reply with a couple of choice words, fully intended to offend him as his did me, followed by my own 'no offense' to show how ridiculous a disclaimer it can be. Then I kick him from the group again. The last few spots in the raid fill up without his returning and a second group forms and starts to fill up as more people come to add their support to the battle for Wintergrasp. I move the kicked character to my 'ignore' list after he sends me a couple of insulting /tells, without feeling a need to reply to him.

There is no more drama before the portal to Lake Wintergrasp opens and we all jump through, ready to battle the Horde for control of the region, the ability to gain Stone Keeper's Shards and the chance to run the Vault of Archavon instance in Wintergrasp Fortress. The Alliance are on the assault, and with some good coordination and a battlefield that favours the attackers the battle of Wintergrasp is soon won. The Horde are displaced from the fortress and repelled back to the snowy plains. Huzzah! Another victory under my belt and hopefully the other people in the group below the level cap got a good enough taste of open PvP to return for more. Everyone is welcome in the fight against the Horde.

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