Improving my project management skills

1st May 2009 – 10.22 am

Sales are going quite well in the regional market of New Eden I've been exploiting. I still have quite a lot of stock to sell but turnover continues at a modest pace and can provide bursts of income by monitoring my sell orders and adjusting prices where necessary. I even found another gap in the market, where some specific modules were strangely absent from a Caldari Navy station with a mission agent, with an initial batch of modules selling well there.

A healthy amount of profit showing in my accounts makes me ponder again getting the skill book for research project management, which would allow me to work with more than one R&D agent simultaneously. The forty million ISK book is still a hefty purchase for me, but as my balance has risen steadily with only the occasional dip when buying large quantities of minerals for manufacture I feel comfortable in knowing I can make that ISK back again given time. And I will need to work with more than one R&D agent if I am to commit myself to inventing Tech II equipment.

Having gained access to a low quality level three manufacturing agent it stands to reason that the quality of R&D agents now available to me has also improved. A search for suitable agents, offering either mechanical or electronic research projects, shows that there is another agent available that I can work with of higher quality than my current agent. Not only that, but he is based in the station of my new level three mission agent, which is convenient and may encourage me to complete the regular R&D missions.

I could simply ditch my previous R&D agent, after picking up the available datacores, and start work with the new one, but as business is good and I will need the skill book eventually I splash out and buy it. It only takes an hour before I will have the skills to work with two R&D agents at a time, which again can be improved for the future when I get access to the few mechanical engineering R&D agents in Core Complexion, Inc. Putting my forty million ISK training to use for an hour seems like a good excuse to interrupt my current plan to work towards scrap metal processing for refining mission loot in to manufacturing minerals efficiently.

I take advantage of the training time to move my ships from my short-lived mission base, picking up a handful of datacores whilst passing through the my current R&D agent's system, before settling in the new station, where I introduce myself to the level three agent and get a second R&D agent working for me. I am now gaining datacores more than twice as quickly as before and hopefully it won't be long before a level three R&D agent becomes available to me for even faster gains. I'd better get working with my mission agent to improve my standings further.

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  2. I can say that having a few extra agents are very worthy and so far they have made me my 40 million back.

    One piece of advice I would like to offer is that if you seek to do great invention, you will need far more than what an agent can provide.

    Read my post and you can see an example of a disastrous result: (

    Good luck to you!

    By Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" on May 1, 2009

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