Capsuleer 2.0 available

6th May 2009 – 10.43 am

Capsuleer is now at version 2.0 and is much improved over its initial release. The pilot information screen familiar to users of version 1.0 is still present, detailing the skill being learnt and its completion date and time, your skill point total, and the ISK balance of your wallet, but there is much more to be explored in the new version of the iPod Touch and iPhone application. On top of the familiar pilot information you can see the values of your attributes, such as memory and perception, as well as what implants you have installed and your current clone grade.

Details of the skill training queue have been implemented in Capsuleer version 2.0, showing not only your current skill in training but also what you have set in the queue. With a skill library implemented you can select any of the skills either in your queue or learnt or injected by your character and call up specific details about what characteristics determine the skill's training, how long it would take to train to the next level, and what benefits your character will gain from learning the skill.

There are other nifty features to Capsuleer 2.0, including server status, on-line news from CCP and the EVE Blog Pack. I still mostly use the application only to monitor my skill training and wallet balance, which is really useful to be able to do without logging in to EVE Online itself, but the ability Capsuleer offers to poke around the skill library is a nifty feature that helps with working out future skill training plans more than just knowing when the current skill training will end. It is definitely worth upgrading to the latest version.

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