Becoming a daytrader

26th May 2009 – 5.29 pm

My latest production run of modules comes off the manufacturing line and I ship them to the handful of markets I have found to be lucrative, finding again that one station with a level three mission agent has no heavy missiles and so is ripe to be exploited. Some modules start to sell better than I have expected and I go back a few days later to start a second manufacturing run to take advantage of the quick turnover.

As I am making the jumps to my manufacturing base I check the status of all of my orders and find that someone has dared to undercut my ammunition price. With good sales figures and all of it profit, because of refining the minerals from scrap metal, I see that I can buy the daytrading skill book whilst maintaining my newly acquired wallet balance of one hundred million ISK. Of course, there is little point in having ISK for the sake of it and I really ought to invest it, but there is nothing wrong with basking in the obvious fruits of my progress occasionally.

Popping in to a state academy to pick up the daytrading skill book is is only a single jump out of my way, after which I inject and start to learn the skill as I head for my destination. With the training time only having a multiplier of one I get a couple of levels under my belt within minutes, happy to relax in dock waiting for the training to complete, because once that is done it only takes a few commands to modify my ammunition sell order to undercut the competition and be the more attractive price again. And it is all done without having to make the three jump journey to the station holding the sell order.

Although the skill book won't make me any money directly it will save me significant amounts of time that I would otherwise spend travelling or waiting for orders to sell passively rather than stimulating sales. Instead, I can put my time to more profitable use, so the skill is definitely a good investment. Of course, I forgot that I have new modules coming off the manufacturing line with some of them earmarked to go to the station where I just modified the order, but the principle holds and I am pleased with the proof-of-concept demonstration.

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