Returning to the navy

4th June 2009 – 5.34 pm

I am currently avoiding my Core Complexion, Inc. agent after he asked me to get him some ice quite promptly and I end up distracting myself with three days of skill training before I can help him out. I am not one to sit around idly waiting for my training to complete and would rather be active. My market orders have recently been restocked and my new BPOs are having their material efficiencies improved, so there isn't much to do on the business front. I could indulge my R&D agents' thinly veiled desperate pleas for attention but the simplistic missions they offer will hardly keep me busy for long.

Instead, I fire up the engines on my Drake and salvaging Cormorant and head back to my old Caldari Navy level three mission agent. Working encounter missions with him gives me several benefits, including retrieving a good quantity of mission loot to recycle with scrapmetal processing skills for highly profitable module manufacturing, as well as continuing to build up my faction standing with the navy in order to get my first jump clone. I am close to achieving the required faction standing of 8.00 but not quite there yet. One effect of my current standing is that it gives me access to level four mission agents, but I don't quite fancy splashing out on a ninety million ISK battleship just yet, particularly as I probably ought to improve some of my core competency skills first, so I am sticking to level three missions for now.

As part of the cosmic humour prevalent in all aspects of life, the first mission I am given after moving my battlecruiser and destroyer is a simple courier job. I swear that agents get upset if you don't talk to them for a while and give you a demeaning first task on your return. Still, it's not like I am incapable of moving some soil around and at least it doesn't require the large hold of my Badger, which remains effectively a region away, and once I have completed this mission I am given something both more demanding and requiring the use of excessive firepower.

I get a few encounter missions with one more courier mission snuck between them, with the encounter missions being quite profitable, particularly wiping out and clearing up after five pockets of rats in an Angels Extravaganza. I get good mission rewards and, with the exception of an attack on Gallente ships, some decent bounties, along with dozens of wrecks to loot and salvage that will keep my module manufacturing running for a while longer when reprocessed. With several days available to spend with the Navy as my skills train I think I'll stick around a bit longer to enjoy causing big explosions before heading back to the more sedentary manufacturing agent and his requests for 'interesting' rocks.

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  2. At least your agent seemed to be of the more benign variety - the one who give the demeaning little courier to put the mighty capsuleer in her place.

    However, one of my old agents used to go vindictive if I didn't check on her regularly. Sure enough, if I spent a couple weeks without dropping by the office the first job she'd find for me would be fraught with peril and swarms of enemies.

    I haven't been there in well over a year. I wonder what she'd throw my way if I went back...

    By KayJay on Jun 8, 2009

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