Securing a new w-space system

21st July 2009 – 5.56 pm

Ever since the corporation's first excursion in to and return from w-space there have been eager scouts scanning down systems looking for the next potential wormhole system in which to set up base. Ideally, the wormhole will lead to a certain class of w-space system, one that is challenging without being deadly, and offer a reliable entrance and exit in to high-sec known space, so that the exotic loot can be shipped back out safely. And now a suitable w-space system is declared found.

The corporation's wormhole division makes preparations, moving quickly thanks to the first adventure providing experience and organisation. The POS tower is shipped to w-space, along with defences and support structures, with combat, survey and transport ships moved in whilst taking care not to over-stress the tenuous fabric of the wormhole, which could cause the wormhole to collapse.

Although there have been initial scans of the w-space system, to determine its suitability for profit, it is vital to get the POS anchored and defended before we head off to engage the sleepers or mine the rich asteroid fields. We need a relatively safe haven in w-space, as well as facilities to store ships, modules and loot. It may not take too long to anchor the POS in position but its shields are only at half-strength when installed, so anything we can do to accelerate the process will get us out blowing up Sleepers more quickly.

It is possible for ships to help transfer shield energy to the POS tower, but as the tower cannot be targeted whilst inside the shields a specific set-up is required in order to be able to use standard modules at a much increased range. Finding out I can help I jump in to the White Cat and refit it with as many shield transfer modules that the systems can handle, the ship itself providing them with the necessary 500% range boost. With the White Cat ready I make the trip to Gallente space, where the wormhole entrance sits, all thirty two jumps away. A fleet guide gets me safely through the wormhole and to our POS.

The drawback to my fitting nothing but shield transfer modules is that my capacitor is about as stable as Minmatar stargate, draining in ten seconds flat. But this is where working as a fleet has its advantages. Other ships may not have the ability to boost shields at the same range as mine but they can transfer their excess capacitor energy to me, effectively powering the transfer modules indefinitely. One ship cannot hope to have awesome capabilities on its own, but when combined with fleet support a much more effective platform can be conceived.

Now we're getting somewhere! I am sure many capsuleers are aware of the amazing sights available when fleets form. Whether it is a fleet to attack an enemy or for a logistic operation it is always impressive when a large number of ships amass, taking advantage of the synergistic opportunies afforded when working together as a fleet. And, believe me, the glamour is not lost in the translation from action in space to the written word.

My Osprey cruiser is using three shield transfer modules to help boost the POS shields, my capacitor being fed by a Dominix battleship. There we sit, watching the half-red shield status bar of the tower, um, not actually increase very much at all. I call up the information screen on the tower and note its shield strength, determine from my module information screens how much shield power I am transferring as a function of time, and estimate with a few rough calculations that with our constant boosting the shields will be at full power in about, oh, twelve hours.

Hmm, twelve hours is a long time, particularly when it is already close to midnight. Oh well. I leave my Osprey transferring shield power, the Dominix feeding my capacitor, as I tend to some late-night activities, with a note that if trouble arises my attention can be caught by someone exploding violently. Everything thankfully remains peaceful, but it is time to sleep, so I warp back out to known space and dock. I will be returning as soon as I can, but with my Drake battlecruiser for firepower to use against Sleepers.

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