If it ain't broke, fix it

24th July 2009 – 5.37 pm

Engaging some pesky Sleepers, trying to stop us from liberating their loot for profit, generally sees our little fleets come under some fairly heavy fire. Being almost the only Caldari-trained capsuleer in the group my response to damage is to sit and take it, letting my passive-tanking Drake battlecruiser absorb as much as it can, before warping off to leave the others as prime targets. Almost everyone else uses an active armour-tanking fit, their ships' shields being little more than an indicating buffer.

None of our tanks can quite hold up to a vigorous Sleeper assault. Although I am not alone in beating a retreat when in trouble my colleagues generally only run when they are in danger of depleting their capacitor's energy reserves, needed to supply the active components of their fitting. However, if one ship is taking most of the damage that leaves others free from having to repair, and their capacitor can be put to use with remote repairing modules. With a remote armour repairer fitted an ally's tank can be augmented externally, offering a sustained stand against the enemy.

I tend to go in to Sleeper sites with a remote repair module in my Drake's spare high slot to help my allies. I sacrifice a launcher to get enough power from my grid to bring it on-line, but as my DPS is only moderate and not relied upon this generally isn't a problem. I am still only in a battlecruiser, though, sitting alongside the much bigger battleships. Even squeezing a medium repair module on to my ship doesn't always make that much of a difference to ships that may be running multiple large repairers locally. But I do what I can.

Unfortunately, the medium remote repairer I have fitted doesn't seem to have any effect at all, beyond quickly draining my capacitor, so we find ourselves warping out occasionally to let our battered ships recover. After the third or so time warping out and back in again one of our battleships is taking another beating from the Sleepers, yet despite the armour being almost pulverised his structure is pristine. This is when he asks me if I have a remote hull repairer module fitted, instead of an armour repairer. Why yes, yes I do. This would explain why my best efforts had no effect on repairing the armour.

I probably need to find another way to justify my position as wing commander, hopefully by fitting an appropriate gang assist module. As long as it's not a mining link in a combat mission my reputation should be okay.

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  2. well, at least in the end you helped save someone with it :D

    By Cyberin on Jul 24, 2009

  3. I think I showed remarkable foresight.

    By pjharvey on Jul 24, 2009

  4. Lol that story gave me a little giggle.

    By Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" on Jul 27, 2009

  5. >_<

    By CK Terson on Jan 3, 2011

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