My first battleship is not mine

5th August 2009 – 6.09 pm

Before I leave the current w-space system behind me I have one last task. There is a Rokh that needs to be piloted out of w-space and its owner is not available for a few days. I may have postponed active training in battleship skills many months ago but I got enough initially for me to know which way a Rokh points—if you've seen a Rokh you'll understand why that needs level three of five in battleship piloting skills—so I volunteer to take the ship back to known-space. This is actually quite exciting, as it will be my first time in the pod of a battleship, so I get a bit tingly when I request permission from the computer to board.

And I'm in the battleship's hot seat. It's actually quite a bit bigger than I expect. I may have been flying in fleets with battleships recently but, having my tactical overlay zoomed out thirty kilometres or so, I apparently don't get a good impression of scale, as I realise when I try to turn the ship to the exit wormhole and smack in to a second battleship nearby. I suppose it doesn't help that the other pilot is coming to take a closer look at my inaugural battleship flight, and I'm sure the armour damage will buff out nicely.

I see that the ship has the default name still, of $pilot's Rokh. I take time to change to Not $pilot's Rokh, because it's a dreadful faux-pas to be seen in an unnamed ship.

It is then a simple matter of warping to and jumping through the exit wormhole, docking in the closest station and contracting the Rokh to a corporation member with a freighter. And so my epic first flight is over. It was really cool, though. I hope my Drake battlecruiser doesn't feel small after this. Then again, some people may criticise me for having double-standards if I turn around and complain that size does matter.

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