Recovering abandoned ships

4th August 2009 – 5.12 pm

There is a spot of luck when a wormhole opens from the corporation's claimed w-space system in to Minmatar known-space. Admittedly, it is many jumps to the corporation's base, and to my stubbornly situated manufacturing base in the opposite direction, but the wormhole exit is only a few jumps from where I set up with my previous corporation and never took time to strip down properly. I may finally be able to grab a long-abandoned ship or two, or even remove an entire entry from my 'assets' tab.

The reason I haven't yet bothered to recover all my ships from the PvP base is mostly because the resources aren't entirely necessary. It was easier and much cheaper in time to head back to my old, now current base with what I could carry and buy replacements for what was left behind, particularly as I didn't actually need to replace two or three PvP-fitted frigates. I could have just sold them, but it looks like I'm more sentimental than I care to admit. But now I am close enough for it to be convenient to warp in my pod to one of the stations still holding my ships and return to the w-space POS, blowing the cobwebs out of a warp-drive and dust off a hull.

I am at least hoping to recover a salvaging Cormorant, which could be quite useful in sweeping up after our Sleeper safaris, and I notice a shuttle is sitting idly by when instead it could be an agile and fast transport for brief visits back to known-space to reinstall BPO ME research jobs or adjust sell order prices on the market. Even handier, I appear to have a mothballed Badger. I suppose I left the area in a Drake and didn't fancy the trip back all that time ago, although these days I am more inclined to endure an eighteen jump trip even in a slow ship, with the benefit of AFK auto-pilot flight and a drumming simulator to keep me entertained.

It is a simple matter of stripping the Cormorant, repackaging it and the shuttle, and throwing everything in to the hold of the Badger, which I charmingly named Truffle Hunter many months ago. I leave the PvP frigates where they are, selling them still not crossing my mind, and head back to w-space. It is good timing too, as shortly after I get back I find we are pulling down the tower and moving to a different w-space system. Having the Badger lets me be useful in being able to unanchor the gun batteries and carry them back to storage in the Badger's adequate hold.

After stripping down as many of the defences as I can I pick up my still-packed Cormorant and shuttle and send Truffle Hunter out to the nearest station, before returning to remove my Drake from the soon-to-be-abandoned w-space system. Although it doesn't really seem like I've gained much flexibility, as I still have two ships I need to transport around separately, at least the presented opportuntity combines with my new lack of antipathy towards long-distance travel to motivate me to recover some useful ships.

I send Truffle Hunter off to my corporation's base, where I am hoping it and its contents can be a useful asset, before travelling back to pick up my Drake and return to my manufacturing base, where I already have similar ships to those now recovered.

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