Temporary withdrawal

24th August 2009 – 5.23 pm

There is no denying that w-space is dangerous. If it's not pirates snaring us in warp bubbles, it's Sleepers scrambling our warp drives. And if it's not Sleepers scrambling our warp drives it's pirates ambushing our mining operation. And if it's not pirates ambushing our mining operation, it's cowards abusing trust to effect corporation theft. A snivelling weasel manages to steal a few battleships and a command ship from our w-space hangar during a quiet period, causing us hundreds of millions of ISK in losses.

For capsuleers more used to high-sec mining, industrial operations, and mission running it can all be a bit overwhelming to be introduced to so many adversarial forces in such a short space of time. Adittedly, the null-sec equivalence of w-space is like jumping in to the deep end, but the lack of permanent gateways in to the system, as well as the mass- and time-based instabilities associated with wormhole travel, makes it potentially safer than trying to set up in null-sec proper. However, there isn't really a middle ground between being protected by Concord and being fair game to anyone, so there are precious few opportunities to become acquainted with the PvP of New Eden at your own pace.

It would be interesting to see introduced a more gradual progression from safety to pirate paradise in the systems of New Eden and the effects it would have. Would more capsuleers perhaps wander outside their comfort zones and venture in to unknown and riskier ventures if it weren't all-or-nothing? Being able to push the boundaries of your abilities based of levels of risk may eventually get more pilots in to low-sec systems, or at least confirm that low- and null-sec adventures aren't for everyone.

The immediate effect of the latest set-back to w-space operations is a slight withdrawal to the safety of the familiar, running missions for standing gains and maintaining industrial jobs, although some capsuleers continue as normal with w-space operations. I take the opportunity of the uncertainty to return to known-space and set-up a mission base with Lai Dai, hoping to boost my standings with the corporation so that I can gain access to better quality R&D agents for Tech II research. It also coincides with pushing my Caldari starship engineering skill training to a level where I am more confident about achieving an invention success to get a Crane BPC.

There are not many Lai Dai agents who consistently offer encounter missions, so I find myself jumping backwards and forwards delivering items for courier missions. Sometimes I'll be jumping backwards more than I should. My standings with Lai Dai creep upwards, but it is a slow process. I doubt I'll get many new R&D agents to work with before my engineering skill completes training and I install an invention job or two, crossing my fingers for success. And the courier missions are helping both with increasing my standing as well as encouraging me to return to w-space. It may be dangerous in the frontier systems, but it's never dull.

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  2. All risks in low/zero security space and w-space can be avoided by simple planning and cooperation. There is more than enough high-sec space as it is. If players are too scared to deal with any level of risk I have heard of a game called WoW they would feel more at home in.

    I'm glad to hear you have taken these risks. Learn from the mistakes made and don't make them again. Don't ask for a game change to prevent them.

    By Beowolf Schaefer on Aug 25, 2009

  3. I think 'mitigated' is a better word to use, as I don't think the risks can be avoided altogether, but you are right. However, planning and co-operation work best when combined with experience, and sometimes the only way to get the experience is to fail. They become harsh lessons, but well learnt.

    I don't think anyone in the corporation would want New Eden to change.

    By pjharvey on Aug 25, 2009

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